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Project Description
Provides extraction of Site Column and Content Types to feature.xml and manifest.xml allowing a configuration driven approach to Content Type development, then easily extract the necessary schema meta-data into Xml files to be included in your Solution Packages

The purpose is to provide developers a rapid approach to extracting feature and manifest Xml for Site Columns and Content Types using a simple Graphical UI.

This utility is based loosely upon Andrew Connell's stsadm extensions that provide for extraction of to xml for site columns and content types.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

* Visual Studio 2008
* .NET Framework 3.5
* SharePoint.dll (for reference in the project)

Feature / Capabilities
  • Provide UI point and click of Site Column and Content Types
  • Enumerate and list Site Columns, Content Types
  • Filter by Group Name to aid selection
  • Selective generation of Fields and Content Type Schema

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